Established in 2011 in Bursa, Metrikparks has set out to build world-class parks for those people for whom action sports are not just some leisure activity, but a way of life, and in doing so hopes to help this community grow and thrive.

Motivated by the love of nature and the outdoors, as well as a strong passion for extreme sports, Mertikparks’ main goal is to work towards the emergence of a vibrant local scene that will one day put Turkey on the global map of extreme sports.

There is no reason why Turkey should not produce world-renown snowboarders, skaters or BMXers; Olympic-medalist freestyle skiers or mountain bikers. It has been proven time and again that when our athletes are provided with the necessary conditions and opportunities, success comes within their reach. When it comes to extreme sports, the existence of quality parks, designed and realized by professionals, comes chief among these conditions; since these are truly individual sports that require only the basic gear, what really matters is a place to develop your skills.

By building extreme parks in every corner of our country, together with our expert business partners who lead their fields, having built around the world hundreds of parks from beginner to pro levels, we aim to fulfill this need and facilitate athletes that can challenge world stars.

Yet, keeping true to their roots and culture, today, as well as in the past, extreme sports are more about challenging oneself, testing one’s own limits and pushing to go past them – what matters most is not rivalry against others but forcing the self to do the best one can, not giving up, being unafraid of failure, and getting back up after falling to try again. And the most important of all, doing these not for accolades, medals or fame, but for the fun of it – So, these are good values, quite unusual – there is a great sense of community etc. – That is why we aim to popularize these sports in Turkey, for all age groups and skill levels, but especially among the younger generations –


For us, extreme parks are not just places to engage in action sports, but important public spaces that help individuals develop strong ties with and an awareness of nature, stay healthy, establish meaningful relationships and become part of a unique and supportive community that encourages self discovery and improvement. Today, action sports have become a way of life for the younger generations and in addition to their physical benefits, extreme parks also function for them as sites of socialization, where they get together with like minded people, share their expertise and acquire new skills from each other, as well as from pro-athletes that frequent these locations. In short, these parks fulfill an important need as places for free exploration and expression of identities, in relation to a youth subculture formed around extreme sports.

In addition to their personal and social benefits, extreme parks also contribute to the regions and communities that host them, economically. Considering that 200 million people are actively involved with action sports worldwide and that this fuels a growing industry worth 2 trillion dollars at the present, how strategic investments to this sector could have a positive impact on various aspects of regional and national economies becomes rather apparent. Well-planned, professional parks bring dynamism to the towns they are built in and invigorate their economies. Countless examples from around the world have shown how they stimulate tourism by attracting extreme sports enthusiast to various events and competitions organized at these locations.

Following their inclusion in the Olympic games, the wider recognition and exposure gained by action sports attracted major companies that wished to reach and connect with this demographic, and led to substantial investments being undertaken as part of sponsorship agreements. As well as enabling further development of these sports and the emergence of new star athletes, some of these investments find their way into and revitalize local economies, by injecting much needed cash. Better quality parks and higher profile events have a greater chance of attracting companies that invest in extreme sports.

Devoted to action sports, Metrikparks wants to see them flourish in Turkey and hence adopts a more hands on approach by remaining involved in their maintenance and management, organizing national and international events at these sites ensuring that they remain active.