metrikparks pumptrack


Usually made of dirt, pump tracks are looping trail systems that combine rollers of various sizes with large bermed turns, which the riders can ride continuously without pedaling, once the right speed is reached. They can have diverse layouts and features, and if well designed, be tremendous fun for riders of every skill level. Whereas young riders and novices learn “pumping”, which is using the up and down movements of their bodies to gain and maintain momentum as they navigate the track instead of pedaling; the more advanced, experienced riders polish their skills by utilizing park’s features to reach fast speeds, while incorporating jumps and connecting features to find a flow on the track.

Allowing a wide range of people to get together, learn from each other, improve their general cycling skills and enjoy themselves, pump tracks can be built in every kind of terrain, from the mountains to empty lots in urban areas. Building pump tracks for all skill levels, out of dirt and on a natural terrain is easy and cheap; however, their continued success depends on how well they are designed, which would ensure riders’ safety, while providing them with a track that can be interpreted creatively, with a good flow and many different ways of combining features, without ever needing to pedal or break.

All you will need to enjoy them will be a bike, knobbies and your helmet.