With separate runs for novice, intermediate and pro-level snowboarders, snowparks are places that bring amateurs and professionals together, helping athletes and enthusiasts of the sport establish and further social relationships, while simultaneously improving their skills, enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains and having fun tackling the challenges a well-designed park presents.

Our business partner for building snowparks is Qparks, another leading company that has built 39 snowparks in 6 countries since 2002, renowned especially for their freestyle parks.

By training park designers and shapers at its in-house “Shape Academy”, Qparks ensures that individuals, who not just have the necessary knowledge and skill-set but are also passionate about what they do build their parks. With over 200 employees trained at its academy, Qparks returns each year to reshape the parks they have built and to hold in these parks some of the outstanding events of the snowboarding calendar. Organizing a 10-stops Snowboard Freestyle tour in the Alps, known as the Qparks Tour, which provides an opportunity for the emerging young athletes to shine, the company is an important contributor to the sport and as such is the perfect partner for Metrikparks to team up with, in its efforts to facilitate Turkish athletes to distinguish themselves in winter sports.

Turkey’s very first professional snowpark, Qparks Uludağ, was the first park the company had built outside Europe. We are proud to have Qparks as our business partners and in the near future plan to build many more snowparks, all around Turkey.

Metrikparks Snowpark

Bünyesindeki “Shape Academy” ile park tasarımcıları, shaperlar yetiştirerek, snowpark inşa etmeyi bir tutkuya dönüştürüyor.

Kendi akademisinden yetiştirdiği 200’u aşkın elemanıyla, inşa ettikleri parkları her yıl yeniden şekillendirmeye ve bu parklarda snowboard takviminin en büyük snowboard organizasyonlarına imza atmaya devam eden Qparks, beraber çalışmaktan gurur duyduğumuz ve birlikte yeni parklar inşa etmeye devam edeceğimiz iş ortağımız.

Kış sezonu boyunca Alpler’de toplam 10 ayağı bulunan QparksTour adıyla bir Snowboard Freestyle turu da düzenleyen Qparks, bu etkinlikle yeni sporcular yetişmesine de katkıda bulunuyor.

Qparks, ülkemizin özlediği başarılı kış sporcuları yetişmesine birlikte katkıda bulunacağımız mükemmel bir iş ortağı!